The Lifespan of Your Dental Work

The Lifespan of Your Dental Work

If you’re like most people, you’ve had dental work services done like fillings, veneers, crowns, or bridges. For some services, you may never have to see your dentist for maintenance on your dental work after your appointment. For others, you may be required to have regular maintenance or a replacement at least once in your lifetime.

The lifespan of your restorative dental work varies and depends on factors like the type of work and your individual lifestyle. Learning what factors affect the lifespan of your dental work, and typical life expectancies can help you get the most out of your restorative dental work.


Factors That Influence Your Dental Work Lifespan

When discussing the lifespan of your dental work, it’s important to realize that various factors affect how long any dental work will last. Some personal habits, materials, or individual circumstances will have a larger impact on dental work lifespans than others. Here are some of the major factors that influence the life expectancy of dental work:

  • Teeth Grinding – Do you grind your teeth at night or when you’re in certain emotional states? Teeth grinding may seem innocuous, but over time, this habit can seriously affect teeth and it can also affect how long—or short—your dental work lasts.
  • Your Bite – Surprisingly, your bite can affect how long your dental work lasts. Your dentist will always make a note of your bite before applying any restorative dentistry services.
  • Composition of Dental Material – Certain dental materials are much more durable than others. Titanium is a material that is occasionally used in restorative dentistry and can last a lifetime in most instances. Composite resin materials, on the other hand, have much less durability.
  • Lifestyle and Diet – How well you maintain your oral hygiene plays an important role in how long your dental work will last. For example, if you play impact sports, or eat crunch or tough to chew foods, your dental work may suffer. Smoking, poor oral hygiene, and other lifestyle choices can also negatively impact your dental work.


Typical Lifespans of Common Dental Work

Are you wondering things like, ‘how long do fillings last?’, or if your dental veneers will truly last a lifetime? The actual length of time that your dental work will last will depend on the factors above, but follow these typical guidelines:

  • Fillings – Fillings last different lengths of time depending on the type of filling.
    • Gold fillings are the most durable. They can last from 15 all the way to 30 years.
    • Silver amalgam fillings usually need to be replaced when they are between ten and 15 years old.
    • Composite fillings are the least durable and typically last between five and seven years.
  • Dental ImplantsDental implants can last up to ten years if the teeth and gums are cared for properly.
  • Veneers – Veneers can last an average of ten years. The materials that veneers are made from are becoming increasingly more durable, which may increase their lifespan.
  • Dental Crowns – If your dental crowns are well-made, they can typically last around 15 years. In some cases, crowns may even last up to 25 years.
  • Bonding – Bonding generally lasts between four and eight years.
  • Dentures – Dentures can last an average of five to eight years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Dental Bridges – Bridges can last anywhere from five to 15 years. On average, you can expect a dental bridge to last about ten years.


If you find yourself with a new amalgam filling, dental implant, or other restorative dental appliance, you should know the lifespan of your dental work. Your dentist is the best source to ask about how long you can expect your dental work to last. It is important to note that the lifespan of most dental work significantly declines if you have poor oral hygiene and other individual lifestyle habits. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, and following your dentist’s care instructions will keep your dental work lasting through its life expectancy.  



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