Zirconia Crowns Make Natural Looking Teeth

Zirconia Crowns Make Natural Looking Teeth

Crowns are protective caps that cover the top of decayed, broken or weak teeth. They can be made from several different materials, but one of the more popular materials to use is zirconia. Zirconia crowns are durable and they match the look of natural teeth.


Zirconium Oxide Forms a Ceramic

Zirconia is formally known as zirconium dioxide, a white crystalline oxide that comes in powdered form. The powder is used to create a ceramic, a non-reactive and hard substance that’s perfect for crowns. Many crowns are made from ceramics, although not all of them are composed of zirconia ceramic.


Zirconia’s Properties Are Well-Suited for Crowns

Zirconia’s various properties make it well-suited for making crowns. It’s both functional and good-looking.

From a functional perspective, zirconia’s non-reactivity and hardness are two essential characteristics of any material that’s used to make crowns.

The chemically unreactive nature of the ceramic means that it’s resistant to oxidation, which is a process by which chemical bonds with oxygen cause a material to break down. The ceramic also won’t react when you drink acidic beverages (e.g., coffee, juice, etc.) or eat sugary foods (e.g., breads, sweets, etc.).

The hardness of zirconia makes it wear-resistant. Not only will the ceramic not fracture easily when you accidentally bite down on something hard, but it also won’t wear down quickly once in place. A zirconia crown retains much of its original shape for a long time -- even on the chewing surface.

From an aesthetic perspective, zirconia looks a lot like natural teeth. Its white color and subtle translucency appear just like teeth, and virtually no one will notice the crown once it’s put on. The only people who will notice it are your dentist, dental hygienist and someone who’s allowed to get way too close to your mouth.


Zirconia Crowns Have Several Advantages

Of course, zirconia isn’t the only material that crowns are made from. Metals and other ceramics may also be used to form a crown. When compared to the other material options, however, zirconia crowns have several advantages.

First, zirconia crowns’ natural look lets them blend in with your teeth much better than some other crown materials. Metal crowns, in particular, stand out when they’re in your mouth. Because zirconia resembles natural tooth enamel, they blend in well with your other teeth.

Second, zirconia crowns can be recolored later if you want them touched up. This is a particular consideration if you may have your teeth whitened in the future, as even a ceramic crown can stand out if it’s older and the surrounding teeth have been bleached.

Third, zirconia crowns can also be modified and reshaped as needed. This not only makes it possible to contour them so they have the shape of an actual tooth when originally put in, but they also can be changed in the future if they ever need to be. Sometimes shifting teeth, decay in other teeth or simple wear (over a long time) can lead to necessary adjustments.

Fourth, zirconia crowns are stain-resistant. Even if you drink black coffee or cola regularly, these crowns won’t change color easily.

Finally, zirconia crowns don't require a metal base like some other crowns do. This not only eliminates the metal material, but it also means that less of the actual tooth must be removed to put on the crown.


Get a Traditional or Zirconia Crown

At Williams and Daily, we offer both traditional and zirconia crowns to patients in the greater Raleigh, NC area. If you need a crown, contact us to book an appointment and we’ll ensure you get whichever type of crown best suits your needs. Many of our patients opt for a zirconia crown, but we may recommend a traditional one in certain situations. In either case, our team will ensure your teeth are well taken care of.


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